Medical e-Visa

Indian Medical e-Visa

The Indian Medical Visa serves as an electronic travel document that grants individuals access to India for short-term medical care and healthcare tourism This visa is exclusively offered to patients seeking medical care at recognized hospitals or treatment institutions in the country. By obtaining this visa, individuals can receive medical treatment without any restrictions or limitations.

Who is eligible for the Indian Medical e-Visa?

Individuals from 160+ countries, who require medical care, can submit an application for an Indian e-Medical Visa. The online application procedure for the electronic Medical Visa program requires applicants to provide the necessary information, and relevant documents, and pay the required fee. It is crucial to acquire an e-visa before visiting India.

Entry through 29 authorized airports and 5 specified seaports is permitted with the Indian Medical e-Visa.

Validity of the Indian Medical e-Visa:

The Indian Medical e-Visa is applicable or eligible for 60 days/ 2 months after arrival in India. This means that by the time the visa is obtained, individuals must ensure they undergo the necessary medical treatment and plan for recovery and aftercare within this 60-day timeframe. Moreover, the visa permits triple entry into the country.

Indian Medical e-Visas cannot be extended.

Requirements and Documents for Obtaining the Indian Medical e-Visa:

The specific documents and requirements for the e-Medical visa vary based on the applicant's nationality. In general, the following information and documents need to be provided during the online application procedure:

1. A copy of an applicable passport with a min. validity period of 6 months/180 days from the date of arrival.

2. Letter from India’s hospital or treatment institution where the applicant will receive medical treatment.

3. Yellow fever vaccination card, especially applicable to those arriving from countries at risk of yellow fever.

4. Evidence of a return ticket to one's own country or further travel to a different country.

5. Adequate funds to pay for living in India.

6. A valid email ID to obtain e-Visa confirmation.

7. Use a debit/credit card to make a payment for the visa fees

8. Recent or latest passport photo.

Applying for the Indian Medical e-Visa:

Step 1: Complete the online request form and opt for the preferred processing time.

Step 2: Review all the provided information, correct any errors, and make a payment of the necessary fees via debit/credit card.

Step 3: Upload the required documents and tap “Submit” when set to apply.

All travel documents and visa approvals will be delivered via mail. It is recommended to retain both a physical copy and digital copies of the documents for convenience.

When requesting an Indian Medical e-Visa, a medical invitation letter will be required from applicants. This document is easily obtainable from the hospital or treatment institution where the individual intends to receive medical assistance.