Business e-Visa

India Business e-Visa

The India Business e-Visa is an official electronic document that grants entry and facilitates travel within India for business reasons. Unlike traditional paper visas, this e-visa is electronically connected to your passport, eliminating the requirement for physical stamping.

Passport holders obtain their e-visa by email after submitting their visa application. When they arrive in India, they will have a physical copy as well as a digital copy and show it to the local authorities.

Key Information about the India Business e-Visa:


The India Business e-Visa is strictly intended for business activities and does not permit employment-seeking within the country. Holders of this visa can engage in various business-related tasks, including attending meetings and events, meeting potential partners or clients, delivering products or services, providing guidance, executing, or performing other business services, and recruiting personnel.


Business travelers from over 160 countries worldwide can apply for the India Business e-Visa. As long as the purpose of the visit aligns with business activities, individuals are eligible to apply.

Entry through 29 authorized airports and 5 specified seaports is permitted with the Indian Business Visa.

Validity and Stay Duration:

The India Business e-Visa is a Multiple Entry visa that remains valid for one year from the date of issuance. Within this period, travelers can stay/remain in India for a maximum of 180 days/6 months in total. Whether you prefer a long continuous stay or multiple shorter trips, is entirely dependent on the type of visa you obtain.

When traveling, you ought to bring a physical copy of the India Business e-Visa with you.

This business visa for India cannot be extended. You must get in touch with the local immigration officials if you are interested in extending your stay to get the necessary paperwork processed. Remember that they will demand justification for your stay as well as evidence of your ability to pay for a prolonged stay in India.

Documentation Requirements:

To apply for an India Business e-Visa, the following documents and information ought to be provided:

1.The latest colored passport-size photograph.

2.An applicable passport with a minimum validity of six months/180 days from the planned arrival date in India. The passport ought to contain at least two vacant sheets for stamping.

3. A PDF copy of your business card that includes the company's details, specifically the corporate phone number for embassy communication.

4. A detailed invitation letter from the host company or firm established in India, clearly stating the purpose of travel. The letter should also provide their contact information and include their official logo.

5. A return or onward ticket displaying departure within 180 days/ 6 months from arrival.

Application Process:

Follow these steps to apply for the India Business e-Visa online:

Step 1: Complete the simplified visa application form, providing accurate information regarding your job, employer, and purpose of the trip.

Step 2: Make the payment of the visa fee using a debit/credit card.

Step 3: Upload clear and legible scans of all supporting documents, ascertaining there are no blurs or smudges that could lead to visa denial.

Upon submission, your application along with supporting documentation will be thoroughly examined by our processing team. Before moving further, we will email you if any issues require attention. Upon approval, your business visa will be electronically emailed to your registered mail ID. Although it is electronically connected to your passport, we recommend carrying a physical copy with you during your stay in India.