Eligible Countries

Who Can Apply for an India E-Visa?

India offers an e-Visa program that simplifies obtaining a travel permit for foreign nationals. To apply for an India e-Visa, the candidate must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries as designated by the Indian government's Visa policies. An impressive expansion has recently occurred, with 170+ countries added to the list of nationals eligible for an e-Visa. 

If you are from Pakistan, it is essential to visit the Indian Embassy in your area to obtain the necessary permit for entering the country. However, if you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you can apply for an e-Visa directly on our website, ensuring a streamlined process & saving valuable time. 

Guidelines for India e-Visa Applicants

To assist applicants with their India e-Visa application, we have outlined some important guidelines:

Duration and Entries: The e-Tourist visa offers flexible options with relevancy periods of 30 days, one year, and even five years. Additionally, multiple entries are permitted within a given calendar year, allowing travelers to explore the enchanting land of India to the fullest.

Purpose-Specific Visas: Are you organizing a business venture or seeking medical treatment in India? The e-Business and e-Medical Visas are tailored to fulfill your specific needs. Valid for one year, these visas grant you the advantage of multiple entries during your stay.

Assistance for Medical Travelers: The e-Medical Attendant Visa provides invaluable support to those accompanying individuals seeking medical treatment in India. This visa is applicable for 180 days, allowing two entry opportunities for caregivers.

Essential Travel Documents: It is of utmost importance for travelers to always carry their visa permits and passports while staying in India. Please ascertain you have these documents readily available for verification purposes.

Timely Application: We strongly advise applicants to apply for an e-Visa at least seven(7) days before their planned entrance date. This allows us a surplus of time to process your request and ensure a seamless travel experience.

An e-Visa in India is available for citizens of the following nations: